The Canteen

Ensuring a consistent healthy diet for the children of the school is a primary goal for us. For this purpose, a small dining hall has been built where children can eat meals prepared in the school kitchen by a cook and teachers.
For the entire school year we provide breakfast, with bread and milk for five days and lunch for three days a week. This is not a common occurrence in Ethiopia; for many mothers, the meal the children have at the school is the only guaranteed meal during the day, and many of them tell of the difficulty in securing an evening meal for their children.

To improve the quality and variety of food provided at the canteen,, we have put in place a vegetable garden within the school compound and purchased a hundred chickens and three cows. The eggs and milk produced are consumed by the children twice a week. These activities were made possible with the help of a group of Sardinian friends, who have been supporting our little school financially for some time now. The group, which was on site for a couple of weeks, included two experienced farmers who provided their expertise for the school farming and animal husbandry activities.

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