La Scuolina

In the last three years the scuolina has expanded by occupying a new facility made available by the Addis Ababa Municipal Administration. That facility consists of 6 classrooms of about 30 to 40 children each (while Ethiopian government standards call for an average of 80 children per classroom), offices for administrative staff, kitchen, dining hall, showers and sanitary facilities, and a playground area. An adjoining area is used for productive activities: a vegetable garden equipped with an irrigation system, stables and chicken coops. To date, Scuolina has 23 Ethiopian workers to its credit who are hired regularly and paid monthly.

During the summer vacations, in order to provide a center of aggregation for the children and youth of the community, recreational activities such as painting classes, sports and music activities are offered, aimed not only at our children but also at previous alumni who have always maintained contact with our facility. The soccer team participates in city tournaments with good success, and the music group participates in events organized on civil and religious holidays with traditional songs and dances.

Two or three times a year, children and their families are given clothing, pens, notebooks and food supplements containing iron and vitamins.

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